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Professional SEO Web Design & Development Service

Websites act as a visiting card of your business. It is the first point of contact consumers will have when it comes to purchasing your product or service. Having a responsive & SEO-friendly website ensure your site is appealing enough to get more audience & ROI.

At Search Exposure, we want your consumer to visit your site and like what they see. We offer SEO web design & development services that will create eye-catching and responsive designs that generate great results. Paired with an effective marketing strategy and complying with SEO tactics, our custom SEO website design services will surely help you drive the most conversions. It’s all about creating a website that’s just right for your brand and will ultimately be attractive and user-friendly too. Whether for e-commerce or content management system, we can tailor your company’s website to your specific needs. We are here to help!

Why Invest in SEO Website Designing & Development

Your website is like your consumers’ first impression of your company as a whole. It’s like when you meet someone new, whether professionally or personally, there’s always the first impression to be made. The same goes for your website. You want to make a great first impression on prospective customers as they navigate to your site. In today’s society, websites are pretty much of your company’s storefront. For a lot of businesses, the majority, if not all, of their customer’s transactions will be made here.

The look of your website is important to attracting and keeping consumers on your site. Think of a time when you were on a website that was visually unappealing or hard to navigate. You probably didn’t make a purchase from that website or remain on the site for long. This is why website design is important. We can help you perfect and polish your existing site or create something completely new with our custom website design services to help increase your leads or sales.

Benefits With Our SEO Web Design & Development Services

Increased Company Credibility
Website design plays a huge role in establishing a company’s credibility. If a website looks untrustworthy, it reflects poorly on the brand as a whole. As a result, consumers most likely won’t want to make a purchase from you. It will paint your business negatively in the eyes of its visitors and you don’t want that. Let us help you increase your company’s credibility with our web design services.

Accessibility Across All Platforms & Devices
With the smartphone now being the main source of online consumption, websites now have to adapt their compatibility to fit these devices. No more pinching and squinting to navigate through a website. Google’s new search engine algorithm has played a significant role in increasing mobile responsiveness users encounter browsing the web. Compatibility across devices is very important for website designers to remember when designing a site. Website users need to be able to access your site’s information no matter how they choose to retrieve it. With our web design services, we will create a website that is responsive, accessible and compatible across all devices, so your website visitors can obtain as much information from it as possible.

Creating an Awesome User-Experience
No user wants to have difficulty navigating your website when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Your website should be simple to navigate and cut out the frustration users may face when it comes to making an online purchase. Inconvenience using a website equates to a high bounce rate and that is bad for conversions. To create a great user experience, we will make sure your website has a great structure to encourage customer interaction and make it easier for your website visitors to find what they need.

Set Your Company Apart From The Competition
If you are using a common, basic website design that looks the same as your competitors, then it makes it harder to distinguish between the differences in your brand and your competitors’ brand. Ultimately, the goal is to have consumers see your brand as contrasting to your competitors’, not as a substitute. With our web design services, we can help your company to customize a website that is unique and separates your brand from the rest.

Get More People Talking About Your Company
Have you ever been on a website that was constructed so well, that you just had to share it? Some websites have the power to do that and so can yours! After all, you want to build a website that is well put together and functional so that you retain your current customers. We will build a website that will highlight everything your company has to offer with elements that create a great user experience.

Increase In Social Media Presence
You may be wondering “how exactly is social media connected to my website’s design?” Well for starters, enabling social media intuitive buttons on your company’s website actually makes it simpler to share your website on social media platforms. It’s really about convenience for your website users. The easier it is for them to share your site, the more likely your site is to be spread on social media and the more visitors it will receive. Not only that but more social media interaction with your site also positively impacts your search engine rankings indirectly. Let us help you create a website that can go viral with easy to share web page designs!

SEO Website Design & Development Process

It comprises 5 phases:

PHASE 1: Learn your business & design preferences

The process starts with you answering a questionnaire about your company, so we can get familiar with it. If there are any specific features you would like to add to your website, you can list them on the questionnaire. Next, a web design specialist will speak with you to make sure we have all the information we need to begin building your ideal website!

PHASE 2: Choose platform & setup website hosting

If you do not already have a hosting account, we recommend Exabytes or NameCheap. However, if you do already have one, all you need to do is provide us with access to the account and we will start designing your site.

PHASE 3: Develop a rough draft of your website

Once we have a rough draft of your website complete, we will send it to you so you may review it and give us any feedback you may have. Feel free to list any edits and changes you would like to see. We will then incorporate those edits and finalize your website design.

PHASE 4: Now it’s time to launch your website

Once we have completed the changes to your website and final revisions have been approved by you, it is now time to launch your website. This approved version will be moved from its temporary location to your actual website domain. How exciting! Now you can enjoy the benefits of new web design and great user-experience.

PHASE 5: Can’t forget to maintain the website

You may know how to fully maintain your new website on your own, or you may not. Either way, we offer specific plans that include website maintenance that take the stress off of you. We can assist in updating your website for security and performance on a regular basis or as needed.

Why You Should Choose Our Web Design Services

Our Experience in Website Design

Search Exposure has expertise when it comes to building a great website. You can get what you’re looking for from your website with our custom website design services. After all, we know your company is your baby and we can help you leverage your website and gain the traction it deserves.

Affordable & Valuable

Anyone who said a great web design is pricey, probably don’t know about our web design services. Don’t let someone over-charge you when it comes to creating your dream website. You don’t have to break the bank to get the website design you love. At Search Exposure, we help you build a great website you will love while staying within your budget.

You Will Get You Your New Website Fast

It’s true. We are so eager to get your new website up and generating results, that we can get it to you in 30 days or less. We value your time and know that you want to get your website up and running, so our web design team is ready to help!

Positve ROI

Yes, we have qualified website designers, but we are also a full service digital marketing agency. That means, no matter what, you can rest assured that your website will be built with the intent of getting as many conversions as possible. It will be optimized to generate more revenue, more conversions, and more user-friendly experiences. You can trust us to build a website that makes your brand look great!


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